Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amelia Lee and Allison June

Recently it was brought to my attention of another couple carrying conjoined twins. Reading her story brought make many memories and tears. I'm hoping that these baby girls have a fighting chance at life. Their anatomy is different than Faith & Hope's. Their anatomy shows 2 hearts and are facing each other. The mothers story tells about how her own doctor recommend termination also, as they did when I was pregnant with Faith & Hope.

"I went to my first high risk doctor three days later. He did an ultrasound and then met with my husband and my mother and I. He was everything but positive. He said he didn’t think they could be separated and that most likely they wouldn’t make it. He didn’t give us much hope. He encouraged us to terminate the pregnancy. We left there all in tears. I could feel the babies move and it killed me inside. I knew then I couldn’t give up on them"

They are being delivered by c-section this morning March 1st 2012. They are at CHOPS in PA. Please  pray for this wonderful and faithful family. God does a remarkable job listening to our prayers. And when you pray, please pray for all babies that have left earth too soon; Ava and Teagan, Skylar and Siri, Faith Lea and Hope Alyzbeth, Peyton and Sundae, Arianna and Isabella, Melody Joy and Madison Hope, Addy and Ally, Faith Rosemarie and Hope Lillian.
Thank you.

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