Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faith and Hope's Book

Beth Speer, Author and Illustrator.
Her most known book; Lula.

Beth has been busy making a new story. The story is about my little girls Faith and Hope. Beth having her own set of twin boys, was touched by my story. She was so creative! She tells the story of two little fish named Faith and Hope. The fish get left on my front step of my house. I  had a choose to keep them or not to keep them. I made the choice to keep them and give them love even though they were different and weren't your average fish. These fish were special fish, who I loved the most. The story is well told, and great for children. It teaches them to love, even if they look different. Everyone is different and Beth nailed it! BIG THUMBS UP!! Beth sure has a special talent! Thank you so much Beth!!! If you would like to order. Faith and Hope's Book

 Beth Speer
"This will keep Faith and Hope's story alive"