Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saving Lives

I received a message via Facebook from a lady who works at a clinic in DeKalb yesterday night. She thinks it's great that I'm spreading a good message about pro-life.  She is proud of me that I didn't let anyone pressure me into an abortion because she meets with girls everyday who are considering abortion. You know why? Because the world says it's ok.  I'm showing the world what a mother's love really is, not giving up on your children. She asked to use my story for patients that are thinking about getting abortions! Without hesitation I said, YES! Something good is coming from this life experience. Faith and Hope's story can save a babies life!! Or stop an abusive parent! Maybe even end abortion all together!! My babies would be so proud of themselves for helping another little baby. So please spread the word, I hope that if we raise enough money I can start an organization  for national awareness for conjoined twins and I can donate money to my hospital.