Friday, November 11, 2011


I found these beautiful flowers for Faith and Hope. 
Pink for Faith and Purple for Hope. 

Visiting their place they lay to rest, is hard. It is hard because I always remember the last day I spent with them. I remember kissing them a million times. I remember not wanting to let them go. I love them more than anyone will ever know. A piece of me is gone. Going to there funeral was like I was attending my own. A part of me left. But a new part is growing. My faith. My faith is growing more and more. The more I go the more I feel connected to my angels. I love going to church. I get so emotional and it's so moving. I feel a good sense of their presence at church. 

I love helping other families with conjoined twins. I ask for you to pray for these families who have lost there beloved conjoined twins. All these babies had the most beautiful and hopeful families. Families that are so strong. If you know anyone going through the pregnancy of conjoined twins or who has lost there babies, please email me at