Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrating Conjoined Twins Day

The 21 stands for 2 people 1 body. :)

I celebrated by lighting two candles and praying for my babies and all the other babies that have gone to heaven, soon to be born twins, and the ones still living. It was a very emotional day for me, for one I'm pregnant and two the day is all about my children. I can't wait to hold my girls in my arms and say I love you!

It was such a bitter sweet day remembering all the babies who didn't make it and rejoicing over the ones that did.  I spent most of my day thinking about my girls and wondering what their thinking about.

I've been getting in touch with conjoined twin families. All of them are wonderful and are very supportive. I hope one day we can all meet each other on this special day of the year. We are the chosen ones who get to call these children our own. I'm hearing their stories and they are so strong and they really do understand what each one of us is/was going through. There is just a very unique and incredible bond between all of us.

I met a woman named Vanessa. She is a courageous and loving mother of conjoined twins Melody and Madison. They were born back in 2008, but her girls will never be forgotten. I can't express how much of a support she is to me right now. I've been searching and I found her.

  I love you Faith and Hope!!