Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Ultrasound Pictures

My babies were looking down the whole time. They were so camera shy! 
At least we have some good profile views.

So sweet, look at her chubby cheeks! I love how clear her ear turned out. 
She has her arm covering her little face. 3D is amazing.

She looks so cozy in there. Looks like someone is trying to go to sleep. 
Look at how cute her little face is!

Cute little toes!!

Cute little fingers!!

The ultrasound tech. showed me their heads, WOW! They have a lot of hair! 
Also, during the ultrasound Hope decided to start sucking on her toes! 
We all had a good laugh from that. 
Faith on the other hand was my little sleeping beauty, 
while her sister was up playing and moving around. 
My girls are growing so big, they will be here before I know it. :)