Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2 admitted

My parents dropped me off yesterday. I was monitored and it showed I was having irregular contractions. My parents joked about how many bags I brought with to the hospital. I tried to bring as much as I could to stay occupied for the next couple of weeks. These four walls don't change a bit. Bed rest is going to be hard...Also my room is right next to the place the helicopter lands. So it is very noisy all day and night.

Tonight I am getting my second dose of medicine to help the babies lungs develop. Guess what time they do it at? 1 am! Yeah so I had no sleep last night and probably won't tonight either.

Also my belly grew!! My uterus is now measuring 37 cm! It comes all the way to my breast bone. I swear if I keep going with my pregnancy it's going to be chin level. Lol

Can't wait to deliver my girls and hold them in my arms!