Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pro Life

Why is it that certain people think anything that isn't
within someone's definition of "normal" must be destroyed?

Our culture says disabled children of any sort are
less valuable than 'normal healthy' kids. 

We need to put a STOP to this NOW

People need to stop being heartless.

No child gets left behind 

Pro Life Poem
Written by an unborn baby

I’m just a little baby

Small and petite

My heart is beating

My body is growing 

I can’t wait to see

I can't wait to breathe

Mommy I’ll be a good son

I’ll make you smile

I bet you are beautiful

I see you in my dreams

I have fingers like you do

And little toes too

The doctors showed me in the screen

Do you love me mommy?

Will you choose life for me?

I hope you choose life

I can’t wait to meet you

God has given you a special gift

Why are the nurses saying I’m tissue?

I’m real mommy

Please believe me

The nurses all told lies

I'm a baby

So my life was taken

Mommy I’m in heaven

I’m in Jesus’s arms

I see lots of babies

I’m safe here

No one can hurt me

Why didn’t you want me mommy?

I could have been a great son.

I never got to see the world

Never got the breathe

Never got a chance