Tuesday, September 27, 2011

21 Days!!

Sorry, I’ve been so busy being a new mommy, I have no time to update this blog. Faith and Hope are 3 weeks old today! Wow, I never thought I would be able to say that. And I feels great to say they have made it this far! They are true miracles.  Faith and Hope have a few rough moments but nothing to alarming. They continue to grow and get stronger each day. They are weighing about 10 lbs. now. Overall they are doing well and every day is a new adventure for us to treasure. We are so happy to experience joy and happiness with them. :)  I gave them cute nicknames. Faith is Smiles and Hope is Bubbles.

We continue to have hope and savor each moment with our daughters.  We would love for you to continue to pray for Faith’s and Hope’s precious life. Each day is amazing. We love being parents and seeing all of our prayers answered.  Faith and Hope wore their first outfit this week which was a 3 month old dress! They look so adorable in clothing! We had to adjust to make it work but it looked nice for our weekend visitors. Thanks to my wonderful nurse Pam for helping me find clothes for them!

Our next goal is to prepare for us to go home. Updates are tough, because every hour is spent at the NICU, but we will try to keep them coming. Petey and I would like to thank all the great nurses and doctors at the NICU. We have grown so close to many of you. You many never know how much you all have encouraged us. Thank you. Most of all we have been encouraged by the numerous of people praying for us. E-mails, donations, gifts, and visits. We can’t begin to express the gratitude that we have for all of you! I am so lucky to have been given this life that I have and it is built on my faith in God. I love you Faith and Hope!!