Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 4

We received many phone calls from the news and emails. The word is really spreading fast. I just want to wait to share information until after the girls are born, which will be really soon! I'm not disclosing the date either, I guess you will be in total surprise when I log in a tell you they are born!! Did anyone see  my babies or myself on channel 5? I didn't see it and wanted to know what was said. I had no idea they could just put you on TV without asking! So if anyone knows please comment. Thanks :)

Thanks for all the comments and support most people are giving me. Reading each one makes me more relaxed and less stressed of what is to come. Whenever I'm feeling down I just read one of the many emails that have been sent to me. It makes me so happy to know how many people are praying for us. My girls have so many people that truly love them. Thanks!