Thursday, September 15, 2011

Be Grateful

Just want to let everyone know they are not alone in whatever it is they are dealing with in their life. No one has this life easy. Some people have it harder than others. We need to pick ourselves up and make things better. Let's all try to be better people. No need for being negative and mean. Live every day like it is your last. Life is absolutely a huge blessing. Be thankful we are all here on earth. You don't learn what life is all about if you always have it easy. The hard tests we are put through makes us stronger and appericate every day more and more. 

Who do we always turn to when times get hard? God. Do we ever reach out when times are good? We need hard times so show us to appreciate things. Days are always filled with there ups and downs. We need to make sure we enjoy those good days and forget the bad. You have to move forward to the better. Appreciate life because you never know when it's your last day here on earth.

I know my daughters are thankful for every day that they are here. I hope everyone celebrates today living their life. Life is good. Please hug your children a little tighter, call your parents just to say I love you, and be friendly to a complete stranger. Because you never know who's having a bad day and you might be the one to brighten it. :)

Faith and Hope are 9 days old today and are doing great! I love you!!! xoxoxox