Friday, September 2, 2011

Negative comments

I am so mad about how cruel people really are!!!!

Someone had the nerve to say some hurtful mean things about my unborn babies and myself.

Wonder if it makes them feel better by saying these things??? Because your all wrong!!!

This is a positive story so why twist it around and try to make it seem bad?

I love my children and that's what this blog is about.

I will do anything for them. And that means giving them a chance to live.

Also I recently became catholic as of (Easter) April this year, seeing that people think I'm a cafeteria catholic (just had to add). I had no faith before this and now look I have God in my life. I can see my life changing for the better with having the babies because, it has brought me so close to God. I can tell those people who are writing these mean things don't and I feel bad.

My fiancé and I were planning a wedding but unfourtnatley we don't have the money nor time as of right now.